Websites We Like

Listed below are websites, YouTube channels and podcasts focusing on movies, TV, books and comics that we recommend for your further surfing, viewing and listening enjoyment:

20,000 Songs Can’t Be Wrong (music blog) — John’s buddy Todd listens to his entire CD collection and writes about it from different angles. For example: the all-time best Track No. 2s.

Eat the Corn (“The X-Files” website) — If John’s level of obsessiveness in his “X-Files” flashback reviews is too tame for you, check out this site. These analyses of “X-Files” episodes, comics, etc., are much more informative than you’d get from Deep Throat or Mr. X. Plus, the site offers an archive of rare interviews with the cast and crew.

Gilmore Guys (podcast) — Kevin, Demi and usually a guest banter about every episode of “Gilmore Girls” and “Bunheads,” plus the pilot episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” They also interview key players from “Gilmore Girls” in bonus episodes. And in the follow-up, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Goys,” Kevin and Alice break down every episode of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new series.

How Did This Get Made? (movie podcast) — Comedians banter about bad movies. It’s almost worth watching the bad films just to hear them make fun of them.

I Was There Too (movie podcast) — Matt Gourley conducts short, accessible interviews with cast and crew who had a small part to play in a big movie.

Klayton Fioriti (“Jurassic Park” YouTube channel) — Klayton Fioriti serves up the most anayltical videos about the “Jurassic Park” franchise you’ll find anywhere. He covers the novels and movies in detail, and also branches into the comics and video games.

Matt’s Expanded Universe (“Star Wars” Legends YouTube channel) — In a series of YouTube videos, Matt Wilkins reviews the entire run of Legends books and comics in chronological order, “as best he knows how.” John doesn’t always agree with his reviews, but he does share his passion for old-school “Star Wars” and disinterest in Disney’s work. Matt is a key player in keeping Legends alive.

Nathan Butler (“Star Wars” YouTube channel) — An uber-fan of both Legends and Disney “Star Wars,” Nathan has YouTube video series devoted to the screen works (“From the Star Wars Home Video Library”) and the bookshelf (“From the Star Wars Library”). This channel is a great source for analytical reviews of the whole history of GFFA entertainment.

No Line Cinemas (“Star Wars” Legends audio dramas) — Although we don’t always say it loudly, some of us actually like the original Marvel run of “Star Wars” comics. If you’d like to delve even further into those stories, check out this site featuring fan-made audio dramas. Of particular interest are the “Star Wars Marvels” tales, which adapt storylines from the 1977-85 series.

Reviews From My Couch (movie and TV blog) — John’s buddy Shaune reviews TV shows and movies screened in his home theater, with a particular emphasis on Blu-ray and streaming movies, and video and sound quality.

Starkiller Sound (“Star Wars” audio dramas) — John has lamented that there weren’t enough “Star Wars” audio dramas produced in the Legends days. If you feel the same way, here are a ton of fan-produced stories that prove the medium is still alive and well in the internet age. Friendly to both Legends and Disney fans.

TMNT Entity (blog) — If John’s level of obsessiveness in his “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” flashback reviews is too tame for you, check out this site. Mark Pelligrini digs into old and new “TMNT” comics (and other products) with the zeal of a fan and the eye of a critic, and also provides handy indexes to help you with your reading order and filling out your collection.

We Hate Movies (movie podcast) — Four friends banter about bad movies. It’s almost worth watching the bad films just to hear them make fun of them. John listened to the “TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze” episode twice, and he actually kind of likes that movie.