‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘iZombie’ Reviews

“Veronica Mars” TV Series

Season 1 (2004-05)

Season 2 (2005-06)

Season 3 (2006-07)

Season 4 (2019)

“Veronica Mars” Movie

“Veronica Mars” (2014)

“Veronica Mars” Books

“The Thousand Dollar Tan Line” (2014)

“Mr. Kiss and Tell” (2015)

Other shows from Rob Thomas 

“Cupid” (1998-99)

“iZombie” first episode

“iZombie” Season 4 first episode

“iZombie” Season 5 first episode

“Play It Again, Dick” first episode




Mars Investigations (“Veronica Mars” website)— This fan site features tons of details about every episode, including the mysteries and the music. It also chronicles the behind-the-scenes journey of the 2014 movie from a Kickstarter campaign to a theatrical film.