‘Angel’ Season 3 reviews

John’s “Angel” Season 3 flashback review, johnvhansen.com, Feb. 27, 2012


“Angel” Season 3 (2001-02, WB), episodes 1-17 — “Angel” (8 p.m. Mondays, WB), in its third season, has delivered a focused, straightforward plot that contrasts with the more experimental “Buffy.” When we last left the gang at Angel Investigations, vengeance-seeking Holtz had run off to another dimension with Angel’s infant son Connor. In a jaw-dropping ending to the most recent episode, Angel attempts to suffocate a hospitalized Wesley, who had given Connor to Holtz on the mistaken assumption that Angel would kill the baby. The last two episodes have been dark and gloomy, the way “Angel” is meant to be.

Three elements hint at a possible finale to the season. 1) “Buffy”/“Angel” have made frequent references to dimensions where time moves differently, 2) The prophecy that “The father will kill the son” was dismissed as a hoax but it still might be relevant, and 3) TV shows do not show babies getting murdered. If Connor, raised by Holtz, returned to L.A. as a young man and faced off with Angel, the thematic possibilities would be astounding.

Just another reason for viewers to stay on the edges of their seats. A-

— John Hansen, ” ‘Buffy’s’ Joss Whedon still full of ideas,” NDSU Spectrum, April 19, 2002