First episode impressions: ‘Krypton’ (TV review)


f you watched the opening segment of “Superman: The Movie” (or “Man of Steel”) on Krypton (or Krypt’n, as Marlon Brando would say) and weren’t among the 95 percent of the audience thinking “C’mon, just get to the Superman part,” “Krypton” (10 p.m. Eastern Wednesdays on Syfy) is for you. The latest “Superman” project luxuriates in the ice planet, the peasant-class underground and the brutal maneuverings within the sparse governmental palace corridors – all while teasing a Superman connection that’s much further away than in the aforementioned films.

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First episode impressions: ‘Blood Drive’ (TV review)

“Grindhouse” was among my favorite films of 2007 and “Machete” was my No. 1 movie three years later. Although I am almost totally ignorant of 1970s grindhouse cinema, those films were cheap, dirty, gory, ridiculous, lowest-common-denominator fun. But could such a purposely silly genre work as a TV show, artistically or commercially? Time will tell on the second point, but after one episode, “Blood Drive” (10 p.m. Eastern Wednesdays on SyFy) seems primed to go the distance.

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First episode impressions: ‘Continuum’ (TV review)

With “Fringe” winding down, “Continuum” (7 p.m. Central Mondays on Syfy) is a possible successor among sci-fi shows about the fight against futuristic totalitarian governments. Or is it? The premiere episode starts out that way, but by the end of the hour, one could argue that “Continuum” actually takes the side of the state against the freedom fighters.

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