First episode impressions: ‘The Terror: Infamy’ (TV review)


he Terror” was one of the most gripping series of 2018, a rare horror TV show that maintains a creepy aura even with the escape provided by commercial breaks. It’s slow-paced, and it doesn’t stick the landing, so it barely missed my end-of-year list. But I’m happy to return for “The Terror: Infamy” (Mondays on AMC).

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Wondrous settings and epic monster fights shine, but ‘Kong: Skull Island’ also has depth (Movie review)


 didn’t know if we needed another “King Kong” reboot per se, especially since Peter Jackson’s 2005 version was pretty great. And there are indeed some been-there, done-that moments in “Kong: Skull Island,” which hit theaters in March and is now on HBO. But darn it, this is such an amazing-looking movie that I have been won over. It’s even better-looking than “Alien: Covenant,” which was likewise filmed in seemingly untouched areas of Australia, and it also shot in Vietnam and Hawaii.

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First episode impressions: ‘Minority Report’ (TV review)

Watching the pilot episode of “Minority Report” (9 p.m. Eastern Mondays on Fox) really makes me want to do a rewatch of “Almost Human,” “Century City” and “Dollhouse.” Set in 2065, this series that continues from the 2002 Steven Spielberg film – which was itself adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story – looks gorgeous, like those other future-set shows.

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