First episode impressions: ‘The Third Day’ (TV review)


f “The Third Day” (Mondays, HBO) was an open-ended series, I’d bow out after this first episode, cuz ain’t nobody got time fo’ a “Lost”-ian wait for answers. But since it’s a six-hour miniseries (rather than six seasons) there’s enough here to keep me coming back. The decidedly weird first hour is more good-weird than bad-weird. It’s not as creepy as I’d prefer, but it is mysterious, and an appealingly weathered, receding-hairlined Jude Law makes a fine lead as Sam.

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First episode impressions: ‘Quantico’ (TV review)

The pilot episode of “Quantico” (10 p.m. Eastern Sundays on ABC) slathers on the twists and turns until the series’ ultimate premise is set up the final sequence. As such, it’s impossible to review this episode without a SPOILER WARNING for the paragraphs that follow this one. But in a nutshell, as far as big, glossy network shows about crime-solving go … well, “Quantico” is one of them.

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