‘Buffy’ flashback: ‘The Deathless’ (2007) (Book review)


he Deathless” (May 2007) might not rank No. 1 among all Buffyverse books – although it deserves consideration – but it’s definitely the best book that fits snugly into the TV show’s continuity. Author Keith R.A. DeCandido — who also wrote the excellent Nikki Wood tale “Blackout” – writes in his introduction that there was room for a story between “The Zeppo” (3.13) and “Bad Girls” (3.14) because the Scoobies are in rough shape at the end of the former and healed at the beginning of the latter. “The Deathless” can be considered episode 3.13.5 not only because it fits there, but also because it’s good enough to be a “Buffy” episode.

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‘Buffy’ flashback: ‘Blackout’ (2006) (Book review)


eith R.A. DeCandido, who wrote the solid “Serenity” novelization, checks into the Buffyverse with the series’ most heavily researched novel in terms of real-world details. It’s clear “Blackout” (August 2006) is close to the heart of the author. He lived in New York City as a kid in July 1977, the same time as the real-world 25-hour blackout and looting, and the time of the fictional showdown between Nikki Wood the Vampire Slayer and Spike.

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The 10 best short stories in ‘The X-Files: Trust No One’ (Book review)

“The X-Files” returned to comics in 2013, it will return to the small-screen for six episodes starting on Jan. 24, and last year it returned to bookshelves with “Trust No One,” a collection of short stories published by IDW, which also produces the comics. With the exception of the “I Want to Believe” movie novelization in 2008, it marks the first “X-Files” book since a six-book run in during the show’s heyday in 1990s.

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‘Firefly’ flashback: A look at the stories beyond the TV series and movie (Books and comics commentary)

Dark Horse Comics

Interviews with “Firefly” staffers often include the question of “What story ideas were never produced?” As such, we know they were kicking around episodes about Kaylee having to go undercover as a Companion, and the Alliance accidentally producing a herd of mutant zombie cattle (yes, for real), but we’ll probably never see those stories.

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