‘Supergirl’ vs. ‘Riverdale’: Which is the dumber show? (TV commentary)

Since I have for some bizarre reason watched every episode of “Supergirl” (now in Season 3) and “Riverdale” (now in Season 2), I might as well get a blog post out of it by asking: “Which is the dumber show?” It’s kind of like deciding whether the Patriots or Eagles are the team worth rooting for in the Super Bowl: It’s a brain-spinner.

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First episode impressions: ‘Black Lightning’ (TV review)

“Black Lightning” (9 p.m. Eastern Tuesdays, CW) distinguishes itself from the other CW DC Universe shows by being set in a real world more so than a cartoony world. It’s much closer to the dramatic parts of “Atlanta” than the silliness of “Supergirl” (which is easily the dumbest show I’ve ever watched 52 episodes of).

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All 89 ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ songs, ranked (TV commentary)

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” recently marked its 100th song, so it’s a perfect excuse – I mean, reason – to rank every song. (This list goes to 89 because the show counted some reprises and songlets, and I did not – although in some cases, I combined a related songlet or reprise in an entry with a more complete song.)

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First episode impressions: ‘Riverdale’ (TV review)

“Riverdale’s” (9 p.m. Eastern, Thursdays, The CW) broad strokes will be familiar to anyone who’s seen a high school drama TV series or movie before, but it has a few elements that might make it worth keeping it on your DVR schedule awhile. It’s loosely based on the current, mature run of the “Archie” comic book (and indeed, the show is helmed by the comic’s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa), it looks visually different from any other current show, and it features a murder mystery.

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One-season wonders: ‘The Secret Circle’ (2011-12) (TV review)

“The Secret Circle” (2011-12, The CW; now available on Netflix) shouldn’t be nearly as good as it is, but because every actor plays the witches-and-spells mythology with total seriousness, and because the Pacific Northwest imagery is gorgeous, this series based on L.J. Smith’s young-adult books from 1992 ends up being one of my favorite one-season wonders.

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TV shows lost to history: ‘Hidden Palms’ (2007) (Review)

“Hidden Palms” (2007, The CW) seems like the show “Glory Days” – from five years earlier – should’ve been. It’s an ongoing murder-mystery mixed with a teen/rich people soap opera, and – with the first two episodes of the eight-episode run penned by creator Kevin Williamson (“Dawson’s Creek,” “Scream”) – it has a much surer sense of itself out of the gate.

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First episode impressions: ‘Frequency’ (TV review)

“Frequency” (9 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW), in its original incarnation, was a pretty good 2000 movie starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel that I don’t remember much about other than the premise: A father and son communicate through time via a ham radio, allowing the son to save the father’s life. The new TV series of the same name is a slick remake, but it struggles to make a case for why it needs to exist.

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First episode impressions: ‘No Tomorrow’ (TV review)

“No Tomorrow” (9 p.m. Tuesdays on The CW) has an out-there premise similar to “Last Man on Earth” and “The Good Place.” Awkward, pretty Evie (“The L.A. Complex’s” Tori Anderson, occasionally slipping into her Canadian accent) meets suave dreamboat Xavier (Joshua Sasse), who believes the world will end in eight months. The show – at least in the first season – follows the couple as they behave as if the end is nigh. How does the imminent doomsday change their behavior? And in what ways can this “carpe diem” attitude carry over to the real world, which probably won’t end in eight months?

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