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Callum Johns (YouTube channel) — Callum Johns’ channel, which launched in 2019, includes Expanded Universe reviews, fun facts, interviews, discussions and apologetics. He also includes a link to his definitive EU timeline.

Matt’s Expanded Universe (YouTube channel) — In a series of YouTube videos, Matt Wilkins reviews the entire run of Legends books and comics in chronological order, “as best he knows how.” Matt is a key player in keeping Legends alive.

Nathan Butler (YouTube channel) — An uber-fan of both Legends and Disney “Star Wars,” Nathan has YouTube video series devoted to the screen works (“From the Star Wars Home Video Library”) and the bookshelf (“From the Star Wars Library”). This channel is a great source for analytical reviews of the whole history of GFFA entertainment.

No Line Cinemas (audio dramas) — If you’d like to delve even further into the original Marvel run of “Star Wars” comics, check out this site featuring fan-made audio dramas. Of particular interest are the “Star Wars Marvels” tales, which adapt storylines from the 1977-85 series.

Starkiller Sound (audio dramas) — If you feel there weren’t enough “Star Wars” audio dramas produced in the Legends days, here are a ton of fan-produced stories that prove the medium is still alive and well in the internet age. Friendly to both Legends and Disney fans.