‘Star Wars’ Legends Comic Reviews

Series, arcs and one-shots

In roughly chronological order. Arcs under the same title have been kept together unless the separate arcs take place in distinct eras. Organized by trade paperback titles (or arc titles, if no trade paperback was released), unless reviewed as chunks of issues.

“Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm”

“Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan”/”Force War”

“Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith”/”The Fall of the Sith Empire”

“Tales of the Jedi”

“Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising”/”Dark Lords of the Sith”/”The Sith War”

“Tales of the Jedi: Redemption”

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 0-12

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 13-24

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 25-28 (“Vector”)

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 29-37

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 38-46

“Knights of the Old Republic” Issues 47-50 and “War”

“The Old Republic” webcomics

“The Old Republic: The Lost Suns”

“Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral”

“Knight Errant”

“Jedi vs. Sith”

“Jedi: The Dark Side”

“Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan”

“Aurra’s Song”

“Jedi Council: Acts of War”

“Darth Maul”

“Podracing Tales” webcomics

“Episode I: The Phantom Menace” adaptation

“Manga: The Phantom Menace”

“Episode I: The Phantom Menace Adventures”

“Jango Fett: Open Seasons”

“Republic” Issues 0-12

“Republic” Issues 13-22

“Republic” Issues 23-31

“Republic” Issues 32-41

“Republic” Issues 42-48

“Heart of Fire”

“Jedi Quest”

“The Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing”

“Jango Fett”/”Zam Wesell”

“Poison Moon”

“Starfighter: Crossbones”

Hasbro/Toys R Us comics

“Blood Ties Volume 1: Jango and Boba Fett”

“Episode II: Attack of the Clones” adaptation

“Republic” Issues 49-59

“Republic” Issues 60-71

“Republic” Issues 72-83



“Brothers in Arms” (Free Comic Book Day 2005)

“Clone Wars Adventures”

“The Clone Wars” Issues 1-6

“The Clone Wars” Issues 7-12

“The Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of Death” (Free Comic Book Day 2009)

“The Clone Wars” (digests) Nos. 1-4

“The Clone Wars” (digests) Nos. 5-8

“The Clone Wars” (digest) No. 9: “The Sith Hunters”

“The Clone Wars” (digests) Nos. 10-11

“The Clone Wars” Season 1 webcomics (collected in “Tales from the Clone Wars Season 1” TPB)

“The Clone Wars” Season 2 webcomics: “Act on Instinct” (uncollected)

“The Clone Wars” Season 3 webcomics: “The Valsedian Operation” (uncollected)

“Darth Maul: Death Sentence”

“Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir”

“General Grievous”

“Routine Valor” (Free Comic Book Day 2006)

“Evasive Action” webcomics (“Reversal of Fortune,” “Recruitment,” “Prey,” “End Game”; uncollected)

“Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” adaptation


“Darth Vader and the Lost Command”/”Ghost Prison”

“Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin”/”Cry of Shadows”

“Dark Times” Issues 1-10

“Dark Times” Issues 11-12 (“Vector”)

“Dark Times” Issues 0, 13-22

“Dark Times” Issues 23-32

“Droids” (Marvel)

“Droids” (Dark Horse) and “The Protocol Offensive”

“Jabba the Hutt”

“Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire”

“Agent of the Empire”

“Han Solo at Stars’ End” adaptation

“This Crumb for Hire”

“The Force Unleashed”

“The Force Unleashed II”

“Blood Ties Volume 2: Boba Fett is Dead”

“The Art of the Bad Deal” (Free Comic Book Day 2012)

“The Assassination of Darth Vader” (Free Comic Book Day 2013)

“A Hunter’s Fate: Greedo’s Tale” (webcomic adaptation of the short story, uncollected)

“Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika”

“Star Wars Adventures”

“Episode IV: A New Hope” original adaptation

Al Williamson’s unfinished “A New Hope” newspaper strip adaptation

“Episode IV: A New Hope” Special Edition adaptation

“Manga: A New Hope”

“X-Wing Rogue Squadron” Issue ½

“Empire” Issues 1-9, 12 and 15

“Empire” Issues 10, 11, 13, 14 and 16-19

“Empire” Issues 20-28

“Empire” Issues 29-40

“The Keeper’s World”/”Kingdom of Ice”

Marvel Illustrated Book 1: “Four New Adventures in Full Color!”

Marvel Illustrated Book 2: “World of Fire”

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 7-10

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 11-17

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 18-23

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 24-30 and Annual 1

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 31-38

“Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures”

“The Constancia Affair”

“The Kashyyyk Depths”

Unfinished Luke/Tusken Raider story

“Planet of Kadril”

“Classic Star Wars” Issues 1-7

“Classic Star Wars” Issues 8-14

“Classic Star Wars” Issues 15-20

“Vader’s Quest”

Star Wars Kids magazine comics

“Shadow Stalker”

“Rookies” webcomics (“Rendezvous” and “No Turning Back,” uncollected)

“River of Chaos”

“Star Wars 3-D”

“Rebellion” Issues 0-14

“Rebellion” Issues 15-16 (“Vector”)

Brian Wood’s “Star Wars” Issues 1-12

Brian Wood’s “Star Wars” Issues 13-20

“Rebel Heist”

“Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” adaptation

“Tales from Mos Eisley”

“A Valentine Story: Breaking the Ice”

“Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” adaptation

“Manga: The Empire Strikes Back”

“Devilworlds” and “Death-Masque”

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 45-50

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 51-59

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 60-69 and Annual 2

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 70-80 and Annual 3


“Ewoks: Shadows of Endor”

“Shadows of the Empire”

“Battle of the Bounty Hunters”

“Shadows of the Empire” Galoob and Ertl minicomics adaptation

“The Bounty Hunters: Scoundrel’s Wages”

“Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” adaptation

“Manga: Return of the Jedi”

“Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand”

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 81-93

“Star Wars” (Marvel) Issues 94-107

“X-Wing Rogue Leader”

“X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special”

“X-Wing Rogue Squadron” Issues 1-12

“X-Wing Rogue Squadron” Issues 13-24

“X-Wing Rogue Squadron” Issues 25-35

“Shadows of the Empire: Evolution”

“The Jabba Tape”

“Boba Fett”

“The Thrawn Trilogy” adaptations

“Dark Empire”

“Dark Empire II”

“Empire’s End”

“Crimson Empire”

“Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood”

“Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost”

“Hard Currency”

“The Third Time Pays For All”

“The Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil”

“Jedi Academy: Leviathan”




“Legacy” Issues 1-10

“Legacy” Issues 11-19

“Legacy” Issues 20-27

“Legacy” Issues 28-31 (“Vector”)

“Legacy” Issues 32-40

“Legacy” Issues 41-47

“Legacy” Issues 48-50 and “War”

“Legacy Volume II” Issues 1-10

“Legacy Volume II” Issues 11-18


These stories have no specific place on the timeline, or they are collections of stories set all over the timeline.

“Sergio Aragones Stomps Star Wars”

“Tag & Bink”

“Infinities: A New Hope”

“Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back”

“Infinities: Return of the Jedi”

“Tales” (dramatic stories)

“Tales” (comedic stories)


“The Star Wars”