‘Roswell’ Reviews

“Roswell” TV Series 

Season 1 (1999-2000)

Season 2 (2000-01)

Season 3 (2001-02)

“Roswell” Books


“Loose Ends” (May)

“No Good Deed” (September)


“Little Green Men” (April)

“Shades” (September)

“Skeletons in the Closet” (November)


“Dreamwalk” (January)

“Quarantine” (March)

“A New Beginning” (June)

“Nightscape” (July)

“Pursuit” (September)

“Turnabout” (November)

“Roswell, New Mexico” TV Series 

Season 1 (2019)

Season 1 first episode

Season 2 (2020)

Season 2 first episode





Crashdown.com — This is a one-stop shop for all the basic information on the original series, including guides to the actors, episodes and music, plus the latest news. It also has a lot of information on “Baron & Toluca,” a proposed series starring Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino. And it has some info on “Roswell, New Mexico” too.

Roswell Heaven — This old-school chatroom for fans of both series might make you feel like it’s 1999 … in a good way.

Roswell High — This is the official website for Melinda Metz’s 10-book young-adult series “Roswell High” (1998-2000), which is the basis for both “Roswell” and “Roswell, New Mexico.”

Roswell Oracle (Visions of Antar) — Like Crashdown.com, this site is loaded with information on the original series, including maps and geographic guides to the fictional locations on the show — for example, the Crashdown Cafe. There are also character guides, a timeline and a glossary.


  • Crashdown Chatter — Erica and Lisa, fans of both versions of “Roswell,” discuss each episode of “Roswell, New Mexico.”
  • The Crashdown: A Roswell Podcast — In this 2015-16 podcast, fan CJ breaks down the first 16 episodes of the original series. It can be found on iTunes.
  • Leaving Normal — Fans Brandon Stennis and Pumpkinberry discuss the original series, episode by episode.
  • Pass the Hot Sauce: A Roswell Podcast — A group of longtime fans and one newcomer discuss the original series episode by episode, spoiler-free.
  • Welcome (Back) to Roswell — On this “Rewatch/Reboot/Recap/Repeat” podcast, host Ryan Mogge and an uninitiated guest revisit her favorite teen alien romantic drama and the CW’s update, paired up by episode number.