‘Terminator’ Reviews

Movies, novelizations and comic adaptations 

“The Terminator” (movie and Hutson novelization, October 1984, and Frakes novelization, November 1985)

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (movie and novelization, July 1991, and Marvel Comics adaptation, September-October 1991)

“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (movie and novelization, July 2003)

“Terminator Salvation” (IDW comic preview, April 2009; movie and novelization, May 2009)

“Terminator Genisys” (movie, July 2015)


“The Terminator” Issues 1-8 (Now Comics, September 1988-May 1989)

“The Terminator” Issues 9-17 (Now Comics, June 1989-February 1990)

“The Burning Earth” (Now Comics, March-July 1990)

“All My Future’s Past” (Now Comics, August-September 1990)

“Tempest” (Dark Horse Comics, August-November 1990)

“One Shot” (Dark Horse Comics, July 1991)

“Secondary Objectives” (Dark Horse Comics, July-October 1991)

“The Enemy Within” (Dark Horse Comics, November 1991-February 1992)

“Hunters and Killers” (Dark Horse Comics, March-May 1992)

“End Game” (Dark Horse Comics, September-October 1992)

“RoboCop versus The Terminator” (Dark Horse Comics, September-December 1992)

“T2: Cybernetic Dawn” (Malibu Comics, November 1995-April 1996)

“T2: Nuclear Twilight” (Malibu Comics, November 1995-April 1996)

“Death Valley” (Dark Horse Comics, August-December 1998)

“Dark Horse Presents” Issue 138 (Dark Horse Comics, December 1998)

“The Dark Years” (Dark Horse Comics, August-December 1999)

“Superman versus The Terminator: Death to the Future” (Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics, December 1999-March 2000)

“Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator” (Dark Horse Comics, April-July 2000)

“Terminator 3” (Beckett Comics, July-December 2003)

“T2: Infinity” (Dynamite Comics, July-November 2007)

“Terminator/Painkiller Jane: Time to Kill” (Dynamite Comics, January-March 2008)

“Revolution” (Dynamite Comics, January-May 2009)

“Salvation: Sand in the Gears” (IDW Comics, February-April 2009)

“Terminator: 2029” (Dark Horse Comics, March-May 2010)

“Terminator: 1984” (Dark Horse Comics, September-November 2010)

“Terminator/RoboCop: Kill Human” (Dynamite Comics, 2011)

“Salvation: The Final Battle” Volume 1 (Dark Horse Comics, December 2013-May 2014)

“Enemy of My Enemy” (Dark Horse Comics, February-October 2014)

“Salvation: The Final Battle” Volume 2 (Dark Horse Comics, July-December 2014)


“T2: Infiltrator” (novel, July 2001)

“T2: Rising Storm” (novel, July 2002)

“T2: The New John Connor Chronicles Book One: Dark Futures” (novel, August 2002)

“T2: The New John Connor Chronicles Book Two: An Evil Hour” (novel, May 2003)

“T2: The Future War” (novel, July 2003)

“T2: The New John Connor Chronicles Book Three: Times of Trouble” (novel, August 2003)

“T3: Terminator Dreams” (novel, December 2003)

“T2: Hour of the Wolf” (novel, July 2004)

“T3: Terminator Hunt” (novel, December 2004)

“Salvation: From the Ashes” (novel, March 2009)

“Salvation: Cold War” (novel, October 2009)

“Salvation: Trial By Fire” (novel, July 2010)

Television and DVD

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Season 1 (TV series, January-March 2008)

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Season 2 (TV series, September 2008-March 2009)

“Salvation: The Machinima Series” (animated series on DVD, November 2009)




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