‘Buffy’/ ‘Angel’ Reviews

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Season 1 (1997)

Season 2 (1997-98)

Season 3 (1998-99)

Season 4 (1999-2000)

Season 5 (2000-01)

Season 6 (2001-02)

Season 7 (2002-03)


Season 1 (1999-2000)

Season 2 (2000-01)

Season 3 (2001-02)

Season 4 (2002-03)

Season 5 (2003-04)


YA = young adult; SS = short story collection

Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 


Halloween Rain (November, YA)


Coyote Moon (January, YA)

Night of the Living Rerun (March, YA)

Blooded (August, YA)

Child of the Hunt (October)

Return to Chaos (December)


The Gatekeeper Trilogy I: Out of the Madhouse (January)

The Gatekeeper Trilogy II: Ghost Roads (March)

Visitors (April, YA)

The Gatekeeper Trilogy III: Sons of Entropy (May)

Unnatural Selection (August, YA)

Obsidian Fate (September)

Immortal (October)

Power of Persuasion (October, YA)

Sins of the Father (November)


Resurrecting Ravana (January)

Deep Water (February, YA)

Prime Evil (March)

Here Be Monsters (June, YA)

The Evil That Men Do (July)

How I Survived My Summer Vacation (August, YA, SS)

Paleo (September)

Ghoul Trouble (October, YA)

Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row (October)

Doomsday Deck (December, YA)


Revenant (January)

The Book of Fours (April)

Sweet Sixteen (April, YA)

Crossings (June, YA)

Little Things (August, YA)

Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1 (October, SS)


Tempted Champions (March)

Oz: Into the Wild (May)

Creatures of Habit illustrated novel (May)

The Wisdom of War (July)

These Our Actors (September)


The Lost Slayer serial novel (January)

Tales of the Slayer Vol. 2 (January, SS)

Blood and Fog (May)

Chaos Bleeds (August)

Mortal Fear (September)

Tales of the Slayer Vol. 3 (November, SS)


Apocalypse Memories (March)

Wicked Willow I: The Darkening (May)

Wicked Willow II: Shattered Twilight (July)

Wicked Willow III: Broken Sunrise (September)

Tales of the Slayer Vol. 4 (November, SS)


Queen of the Slayers (May)

Spark and Burn (July)


After Image (January)

Carnival of Souls (April)

Go Ask Malice: A Slayer’s Diary (June)

Blackout (August)

Portal Through Time (October)

Bad Bargain (December)


The Deathless (May)

Dark Congress (August)


One Thing or Your Mother (March)


Buffy”/“Angel” crossovers

Unseen I: The Burning (June 2001)

Unseen II: Door to Alternity (August 2001)

Unseen III: Long Way Home (October 2001)

Monster Island (March 2003)

Seven Crows (July 2003)

Cursed (November 2003)

Heat (June 2004)




Not Forgotten (April)

Redemption (June)

Close to the Ground (August)

Shakedown (October)


Hollywood Noir (January)

Avatar (February)

Soul Trade (May)

Bruja (July)

The Summoned (December)


Haunted (February)

Image (April)

Stranger to the Sun (June)

Vengeance (August)

The Longest Night (December, SS)


Impressions (February)

Sanctuary (April)

Endangered Species (August)

Fearless (October)

Solitary Man (December)


Nemesis (February)

Dark Mirror (April)

Monolith (May)

Book of the Dead (July)

Love and Death (September)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Dark Horse Presents stories (September 1998-June 2000)

BTVS Classic Issues 1-11 (September 1998-July 1999)

The Dust Waltz (October 1998)

The Origin (January-March 1999)

Spike & Dru (April 1999-December 2000)

Angel: The Hollower (May-July 1999)

Wizard No. 1/2 (July 1999)

Annual ’99 (August 1999)

BTVS Classic Issues 12-20 (August 1999-April 2000)

BTVS Classic Issues 21-27 (May -November 2000)

Ring of Fire (August 2000)

Giles: Beyond the Pale (October 2000)

BTVS Classic Issues 28-38 (December 2000-October 2001)

Jonathan: Codename: Comrades (January 2001)

Lover’s Walk (February 2001)

Haunted (December 2001-March 2002)

Reunion (June 2002)


“Buffy”/”Angel” crossovers

Wizard No. 1/2 (November 2000)

Past Lives (Angel Classic 15-16 and BTVS Classic 29-30, January-February 2001)



Angel Classic Issues 1-7 (November 1999-May 2000)

Dark Horse Presents Issues 153-155 (April-June 2000)

Angel Classic Issues 8-17 (June 2000-April 2001)