‘What Lies Beneath’ review

“What Lies Beneath” – Director Robert Zemeckis and writer Clark Gregg use the Hitchcockian clichés to great effect in this suspenseful tale of a wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) who is seeing ghosts and a husband (Harrison Ford) with a secret that may come back to haunt them both. Although the previews give away most of the plot, there’s still a lot to be said about experiencing firsthand the chills of a large, dim house, mirrors, flickering candles, slow camera pans and sudden bursts of sound. In clever nods to Hitchcock, a bathtub serves as a major motif and Alan Silvestri’s score is clearly patterned after the “Psycho” music. And there’s one scare in particular that had everyone in the theater jumping. A

– John Hansen, NDSU Spectrum, Sept. 8, 2000