‘Event Horizon’ review

“Event Horizon” – “ ‘Event Horizon’ is the scariest movie you will ever see,” said the film’s trailer. Of course, there’s roughly one movie per week that makes this claim, but this Paul Anderson film truly lives up to its billing. The premise is simple enough. A search and salvage team makes a rendezvous with the Event Horizon, which has mysteriously reappeared at the fringes of the solar system after a seven-year absence. Amidst haunting special effects and strong acting from Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and company, “Event Horizon” develops into something more deeply chilling than knife-wielding psychotics or hideous creatures. Instead, it capitalizes on the fear of the unknown while putting a horrifying spin on the imagination-becoming-reality concept made famous by “Forbidden Planet.” Unlike most genre films, “Event Horizon” stays with you after you leave the theater.

– John Hansen, NDSU Spectrum, Jan. 16, 1998