‘American Pie 2’ review

“American Pie 2” — Writer Adam Hertz serves up more of everyone’s favorite characters from 1999’s hit comedy, primarily Stifler (generational icon Seann William Scott), Jim (good sport Jason Biggs) and Michelle (the incomparable Alyson Hannigan). Also, the MILF guys are back! Now it’s the summer after the first year of college, and the guys decide to throw an unforgettable party at a beach house. The laughs don’t come as fast and furious as before, but it’s still a joy to see the absurdities of modern youth captured in all their satiric glory. It’s obvious Hertz came back for the characters, and that makes the film a worthy continuation rather than a cheap sequel. A-

­— John Hansen, NDSU Spectrum, Aug. 28, 2001