‘Firefly’ Reviews

* = short review

TV Series

“Firefly” (2002)

“Dead or Alive” (unproduced script)*


“Serenity” (2005)

Comic Books

Dark Horse Comics

“Those Left Behind” (2005)*

“Better Days” (2008)*

“The Other Half” (2008)*

“Float Out” (2010)*

“The Shepherd’s Tale” (2010)*

“Downtime” (2010)*

“It’s Never Easy” (Free Comic Book Day, 2012)*

“Leaves on the Wind” (2014)

“Leaves on the Wind” early impressions

“The Warrior and the Wind” (Free Comic Book Day, 2016)

“No Power in the ‘Verse” (2016-17)

Boom! Studios Comics

“The Unification War” (Issues 1-12, 2018-19)

“Bad Company” (March 2019)

“Boss Moon: Birth of a Unificator” (Free Comic Book Day, May 2019)

“The Sting” (November 2019)

“The Outlaw Ma Reynolds” (2020)


“Serenity” novelization (2005)*

“My Own Kind of Freedom” (unpublished, 2008)*

“Still Flying” short stories (2010)*

“Big Damn Hero” (November 2018)

“The Magnificent Nine” (March 2019)

“The Ghost Machine” (March 2020)

“Generations” (October 2020)



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Firefly Fans (website) — Another fan site, it includes all the basics about the “Firefly” franchise, plus fan art and and handy guide to “Firefly” podcasts.