Five buzzworthy season finales

It’s that time of year when summer movies start to steal the headlines from TV, but boob-tube fans have one last gasp, at least: The May season finales. Due to the evolving TV calendar, it’s not as jam-packed of a month as it used to be; “Parenthood,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Ringer” and “The Walking Dead” had their finales in previous months, while “The Killing” and “The L.A. Complex” will run well into the summer.

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What happened to Sophia? (and six other burning TV questions)

Part of why it’s been a great TV season is that there are so many compelling questions that keep us watching from week to week. And these aren’t just a matter of “Oh well, I’ve followed it this far so I might as well keep going” like I sometimes felt with “Lost.” A lot of shows this fall actually have mysteries where I want to know the answer. Here are seven of the most burning questions among currently airing shows (No, I haven’t forgotten about “Who killed Rosie Larsen?,” but I’ll save that for when “The Killing” returns). (All times Central.)

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The new fall shows — not too shabby so far

I’ve done “first episode impressions” of the noteworthy new shows this season, and many TV critics have done the same. We do this because it’s fun and quick-hitting more so than because it’s an accurate and fair way to judge a show. Indeed, my views of some shows have changed quite a bit in the month or so since the pilot episodes aired, so here’s a rundown on where I now stand with these series, ranked in order of quality. (All times are Central.)

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First episode impressions: ‘Revenge’ (TV review)

I enjoy a good movie about revenge. There’s “First Blood,” where John Rambo methodically picks off corrupt cops until he breaks down at the end, showing us that payback has a price, even when it’s done largely in self defense. Then there’s “Breakdown,” which fits the revenge template beautifully: First we see how evil the kidnappers are, and just when we can’t take much more, we get to cathartically watch Kurt Russell go to town on them.

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