5 random questions for which I have no good answer (Commentary)

1. In “Return of the Jedi,” when Luke and Leia swing to safety, what is the rope attached to? It can’t be attached to the barge they are blowing up, because then it would snap when they are in mid-air, right? Even if was securely attached to the barge for the duration of the swing, there’s no way it could provide the arc needed to swing to another vehicle, especially since the duo doesn’t get a running start.

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5 random odds and ends (Commentary)

1. In “Return of the Jedi,” when the Ewok (I believe it’s Paploo, but I can’t check it because I don’t have my “Star Wars” library moved into my new place yet) jumps on the speeder bike, he immediately knows how to drive it. Specifically, he immediately knows where to find the override function that allows it to be driven by someone whose feet can’t reach the pedals. File this under the category of “things that happen in movies that you don’t think about on the first 146 viewings, but on the 147th viewing you realize it’s completely insane.”

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5 random items of note (Commentary)

1. Do you ever get a Facebook friend request from someone you’ve never heard of? I usually just ignore it. This is kind of unfortunate, because now I have no chance of becoming friends with that person (I certainly won’t get to know them outside of Facebook). And I would probably end up liking them more than some of my current Facebook friends. But because of the off chance that they might be the Facebook Killer, I don’t approve the request. It’s a sad age we live in.

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5 random things to mull over (Commentary)

1. I notice comedians now apologize for jokes if they offend someone. Can you imagine if musicians had to apologize for bad songs? “Sweet Home Alabama” attacks my eardrums every time I walk into a small-town bar, and I’ve never gotten a letter of apology from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Or what if politicians had to say they were sorry? In that case, the Republican and Democratic parties could just give a blanket Apology Address once a year.

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Sorry, George Carlin, but I have no place for my stuff (Commentary)

There’s nothing like moving to make a person realize how much stuff he has.

I recently unloaded 90 percent of my “Star Wars” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” collection on eBay, and I’m glad I did. (I had enough stuff that I was actually using the term “inventory” rather than “collection.”)

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