First episode impressions: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ (TV review)

“Napoleon Dynamite,” the 2004 movie, hit a sweet spot of comedy that no previous movie had even aimed for, let alone achieved. Not everyone understood why it was funny, but for those who did, it gained an extra layer of insider humor because we had that great feeling of knowing where writers Jared and Jerusha Hess were coming from.

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Midseason TV preview: The momentum continues? (Commentary)

Fall 2011 served up so many good shows, and so few of them have been canceled, that it’s easy to overlook the midseason premieres. Yet the networks have found a few open slots. I have a feeling the top two on this list will be really good, furthering this season’s status as the best since at least 2004-05. Here are some shows to look out for this midseason (all times are Central):

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Flippin’ sweet! ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and 10 other shows to watch in 2011-12 (TV commentary)

Intimidated by the list of nearly 50 new shows coming out in the fall? Never fear, I have done the hard work for you of watching the trailers for all the network offerings (and believe me, it wasn’t all fun and games — there are some true stinkers out there).

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John’s favorite movies of the Aughts (Commentary)

Next, here are my top 10 … OK, 20 … movies of the Aughts.

1. “Garden State” (2004) — I’m not going to lie: This is just a romantic fairy tale — average Joe finds true love with Natalie Portman (Portman’s character doesn’t seem to realize she looks like Natalie Portman, and she’s all the more lovable for it) — that I find very appealing. Great scene: The trio climbs atop a bus in a rainy ravine and lets out a big ol’ yell, and somewhere “Only Living Boy in New York” is playing.

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