First episode impressions: ‘iZombie’ Season 4 (TV review)

On Monday, the Diane Ruggiero/Rob Thomas show that started off as a sly way to get “Veronica Mars”-style witty mysteries back on the tube surpassed its more famous forebearer in number of seasons. While “iZombie” (9 p.m. Eastern Mondays, The CW) strikes me as being less popular and less acclaimed than “Veronica,” it always finds a spot on my year-end top 10 lists and it’s getting to the point where the duo’s shorthand descriptor should be “the creators of ‘Veronica Mars’ AND ‘iZombie.’ ”

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First episode impressions: ‘iZombie’

When I saw a poster for “iZombie” (8 p.m. Central Tuesdays on The CW) – “the new show from Rob Thomas” — in the background of a scene in the web series “Play It Again, Dick,” I assumed it was a made-up show, a way for Thomas to poke fun at the direction of his career and the supernatural bent of The CW’s lineup and TV in general in the years since “Veronica Mars” went off the air.

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