One-season wonders: ‘Hellcats’ (2010-11) (TV review)

With the fall TV season off to a rough start, it’s beginning to look like this might be a good time to catch up on older shows. Although I started watching “Hellcats” (2010-11, The CW) on its original airing, I bailed before it completed its 22-episode run, probably because TV was better overall back then and there were only so many hours in my TV-watching week. Until recently, “Hellcats” would’ve been filed under “TV shows lost to history,” but with the CW Seed making it available for streaming, it gets reclassified as a “one-season wonder.”

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Fall TV opening day is here; ‘Hellcats’ throws out the first pitch

Welcome to opening day of the fall TV season, a day traditionally filled with hope and trepidation. Although there are four returning series that I absolutely adore (“Life Unexpected,” “Parenthood,” “Fringe” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”), the slate of new shows appears disappointing.

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