10 shows featuring today’s biggest stars … that you can never watch again (TV commentary)


t’s not as bad as the case of the old “Doctor Who” episodes that were intentionally destroyed after their broadcast, but in this age where it’s easy for a streaming service to make something available to its subscribers, there are still a lot of TV shows you simply can’t see.

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‘Dawson’s Creek’ Season 4 reviews

ndsu spectrum: tv Review

More love triangle drama on ‘Dawson’s Creek’


Feb. 9, 2001


Picking up from last year’s stunning conclusion, the major plotline of “Dawson’s Creek’s” fourth season is the love triangle to end all love triangles, involving Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson). No one knows how it will end, but I think it’s safe to say that the kids’ senior year at Capeside will end dramatically, and with a few tears.

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‘Dawson’s Creek’ Season 3 reviews

John’s “Freaks and Geeks” Season 1/ “Dawson’s Creek” Season 3 review, NDSU Spectrum, January 2000


“Dawson’s Creek” Season 3 (1999-2000, WB) – The first 10 episodes were hit-and-miss, but from January to May “Dawson’s Creek” achieved heartwrenching brilliance as old friends Pacey (Joshua Jackson), Joey (Katie Holmes) and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) became tangled in a love triangle with no easy solution. While Joey and Pacey got most of the screentime, the disillusioned Dawson discovered he still loves Joey, but ultimately realizes he must let her go if he ever wants to get her back. Other highlights included the unlikely pairing of Jen (Michelle Williams) and shy freshman Henry and the introduction of Pacey’s old pal Will Krudski, whose story continued in the breezy summer spinoff “Young Americans.”

– John Hansen, NDSU Spectrum, Sept. 22, 2000

John’s 10 favorite TV couples of all time (Commentary)

In a double dose of weak sauce, Entertainment Weekly’s writers recently chose “Friends’ “ Ross and Rachel as the greatest TV couple of all time, and readers responded by choosing some random couple from “Glee” (which, research reveals, is actually still on the air). Over at his blog, my buddy Seth Stringer upped the standards by selecting Jim and Pam, from the American version of “The Office.” (Check out his full list here.)

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Revisiting ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in Wilmington, N.C. (TV commentary)

The most entertainment-oriented aspect of my Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina was a visit to Wilmington, which to me is defined as “the town where ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was filmed.” In reality, the rich entertainment scene of Wilmington (a beautiful riverfront town for people who love scenery and history, as well) is not defined by “Dawson’s Creek,” or by any single production.

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Don’t you forget about John Hughes, whose influence is still being felt (Movie and TV commentary)


ere’s how influential John Hughes was: I’m writing a blog post about the late writer-director (he died on Thursday of a heart attack at age 59) and I wasn’t even a huge fan. But he played an indirect — though easily traced — role in shaping my movie and TV tastes.

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