Seven big ideas on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

I intended to round out my top 20 “Curb Your Enthusiasm” issues with seven “big issues.” But really, are these issues bigger than the 13 bits of minutiae explored in my previous post? When you boil it down, no. I’m reminded of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — and it’s all small stuff,” a wonderfully titled book by Richard Carlson which I haven’t read. Even the big things on “Curb” can be whittled down to small things, and they can therefore be laughed at.

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13 classic ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ conundrums

“Seinfeld” was one of the best shows of the ’90s because it explored minutiae; “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was one of the best shows of the Aughts (and will continue to be a top show of the ’10s) for the same reason, but also because it explores bigger societal issues. (And yes, as The Lonely Island recognizes, both shows are by Larry David!)

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