John’s 10 favorite ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ sketches

“Inside Amy Schumer” (9:30 p.m. Tuesdays on Comedy Central) is only in its third season, but in my opinion Schumer has already secured her spot as the funniest female comedian working today. As with all sketch shows, the success rate isn’t 100 percent, but each episode yields a remarkably high percentage of laughs as Amy and her writers and actors parody everything from vintage movies to “Seinfeld”-ian minutiae to the ridiculous way men and women behave toward each other.

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A lot more than seven great words in George Carlin’s autobiography

I wouldn’t be capable of starting a successful religion; I don’t have the requisite charisma, ambition or ability to deceive. But I do have my own private religion, and I call it Carlinism, based on the idea that happiness is found by emotionally removing yourself from the human race and viewing it all as entertainment. Another tenet is that if you don’t vote, you preserve your right to complain; if you DO vote, you helped caused the problem, and you have no right to complain.

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