One-season wonders: ‘Bunheads’ (2012-13) (TV review)

At the “Gilmore Girls” panel at the ATX Television Festival in June, producer Amy Sherman-Palladino said that in the TV business, if you’re lucky, “You get one.” Presumably, she meant one show where the actors, writers and environment come together to result in a loved and lauded finished product. By those standards, she actually got two, with the second being “Bunheads”(2012-13, ABC Family; available for digital download from Amazon). However, if you add “not being canceled after one season” to the requirements, “Bunheads” did indeed lack that extra stroke of luck.

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John’s top 10 TV shows of 2013

These were my 10 favorite shows of 2013:

1. “Bunheads” (Season 1, ABC Family) — I know “Bunheads” was the best show on TV in 2013 because it appealed to both the heart and the mind. And also because — with its dance numbers that attempted to illustrate the mood of the story — it was a daring work of art unlike anything else. Even Amy-Sherman Palladino’s trademark show, “Gilmore Girls” — to which “Bunheads’ ” quirky small town and obscure references owe a debt — wasn’t this ambitious. I also know “Bunheads” was the best show of the year because it hurts like hell that we aren’t getting new episodes or even a DVD release.

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John’s top 10 TV shows of 2012

Here are my top 10 TV shows of 2012:

1. “Parenthood” (Season 3-4, NBC) — I hate to have the same No. 1 two years in a row, but “Parenthood” — the only current series where having a Kleenex box nearby is a must — gives me no choice. During the run of “Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood” was “Jason Katims’ other show.” Now it is filling “FNL’s” niche as the major-network show that best captures the universal human experience even though parenthood, like football, isn’t universal. This fall has been dominated by Kristina’s cancer arc, but it’s the non-awards-baiting moments such as Max winning the student presidency or Julia finally connecting with Victor that really stand out.

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First episode impressions: ‘Bunheads’ (TV review)

“Bunheads” (8 p.m. Central Mondays on ABC Family starting June 11, with the first episode online now) is refreshingly familiar for “Gilmore Girls” fans in that executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino brings back the la-la-la background music, the quirky small town and the rapid-fire, witty exchanges. I’ll definitely be coming back for more, but the first episode is also slightly darker and weirder than “Gilmore Girls.”

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