First episode impressions: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (TV review)

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (7:30 p.m. Central Tuesdays on Fox) has an all-crazy all-the-time vibe that makes it a nice companion to the similarly off-the-wall “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” in Fox’s Tuesday comedy lineup. Although it’s from “Parks and Recreation” creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur, there’s no similar sense of civic earnestness with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” It doesn’t aim to remotely resemble a real-world police precinct, and that’s the right choice. (Although it’s clearly a parody, “Parks and Rec” is more grounded due to Leslie’s passion for small-town government.)

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Fall TV 2013: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and 7 other shows worth checking out (Commentary)

Well, that came upon us in a hurry. Perhaps because there aren’t any major new shows to get excited about, the Fall 2013 TV season snuck up on me rather quickly this year. But while this is the thinnest lineup of new network shows (and returning shows for that matter, after last season’s cancellation spree) in at least 20 years, it’s not time to throw out your TV yet. Here are four new shows worth a peek (all times Central):

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