Once-great ‘House of Cards’ comes to frustrating end with indecipherable Season 6 (TV review)


fter five seasons, “House of Cards” (Netflix) had started to stumble a bit. What had started off as a sleazy, dark-room, behind-the-scenes political thriller had become a boring relationship-centered drama. Then, with Kevin Spacey being banished from Hollywood, the writers of the show clearly had to scramble and change up their plans for Season 6. And it fails.


Season 6 centers on Claire (Robin Wright) assuming the presidency after the death of Frank. His death is not clearly explained until the final moments of the season, but instead there is an assumption that something fishy has taken place.

The writers clearly had to scramble and change up their plans for Season 6. And it fails.

We are also introduced to the new “villains,” the Sheppards. These are old friends from back when they were kids (yet they have never even been mentioned) that have a much different political agenda than Claire. So much back-and-forth deceit takes place as Claire does what she can to maintain her position in the White House. Meanwhile, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) is released from the hospital and is on a mission to maintain Frank’s legacy and take down Claire.

At eight episodes, one would think Season 6 would move swiftly and wrap things up nicely. Not at all. The show does move fast, given that it cuts around so much it is nearly impossible to follow what is going on. There are so many subplots going on that are never discussed or wrapped up that it is frustrating. If this wasn’t the final season, I would have quit watching after two episodes. When we finally do get to the finale and things finally pick up, the show abruptly ends with no wrap-up whatsoever.

I’m just mad right now and don’t even care to write anymore about the show. I’m sorry it ended this way and I’m glad it is over.

Season 6: