Suspense is missing from ‘Making a Murderer’ Season 2 (TV review)

Season 1 of the documentary “Making a Murderer” was a cultural phenomenon when it premiered in December 2015. Everyone was talking about it, so it was something I had to watch. The series is very one-sided, siding with the accused, claiming he is innocent, and the show-makers do an incredible job of convincing the viewer. The show itself is really addictive as each of the 10 episodes is presented in a way that there are cliffhangers – a certain piece of evidence found or a break in the case, for example.

Since Season 1 hit Netflix, the case has been high profile, with many news outlets covering any updates on the case and/or prison sentences.

With that being said, Season 2 has less of a mystery than the first season since I basically knew the outcome. The season is OK, but is three or four episodes too long to be really good. It is just overall boring to watch 10 hours of people looking at evidence and filing appeals in court with the outcome already known.

I don’t think Season 2 was a cash grab, and was probably necessary based on the popularity of the first; I just wish it would have been shorter. I’ll look forward to updates on the case in the real news, but will not rush to watch any additional seasons.

Season 2:

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