Engrossing ‘Better Call Saul’ inches closer to the ‘Breaking Bad’ timeline in Season 4 (TV review)

Being as I haven’t reviewed or talked about AMC’s “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” in the past, I feel it is necessary to preface this review a bit. “Breaking Bad” is in my top five TV shows of all time. The series is near perfection in terms of writing and cinematography, and I think it’s a show everyone should see (It’s on Netflix now). With that said, when “Better Call Saul” was announced, I wasn’t super excited because I wasn’t a big fan of the character from “Breaking Bad.” However, I gave it a chance and was not disappointed.

With “Better Call Saul,” Vince Gilligan continues to deliver the highest quality TV we could ask for. I am absolutely sucked into the show. As opposed to most shows, I am able to put down my phone and just watch. The way the story is told is so detailed, yet so mysterious. There is always something in each episode, whether it’s at the beginning or the end, that makes you ask yourself “What is that all about?” The show then unravels that mystery as we see exactly what that thing was all about.


In Season 4, as we inch closer to Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) becoming Saul Goodman, and we see details of his relationship with Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and his efforts to get his license back. Also, we see more and more of his scheming ways and get a glimpse of the Saul from “Breaking Bad.”

We also get more of Mike (Jonathan Banks) and his interactions with Gustavo (Giancarlo Esposito) as he supervises the underground building project he has been forced into. At the same time, we get a feeling for Gustavo’s hatred of Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) as we see him intentionally help Hector just enough to make him suffer.

Slowly but surely, it all takes shape as we catch up to the “Breaking Bad” timeline. I know I speak for every fan of the show when I say I hope Walter and Jesse make appearances in future seasons as the timelines merge.

Overall, “Saul” continues to be high-level TV. The continuous slow burn and quality of the acting and script make it must-see TV for everyone.

Season 4:

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