Bateman’s character calls to mind Walter White as ‘Ozark’ stays solid in Season 2 (TV review)


zark” (Netflix) Season 2 isn’t quite as strong as Season 1, but it’s still excellent TV. I enjoy almost anything Jason Bateman does and this is refreshing because it is so different from his typical roles. His character, Marty Byrde, is so cold and calculating it is reminiscent of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from “Breaking Bad.” In addition to Bateman, Laura Linney is outstanding in Season 2. I won’t be surprised if she is nominated for best supporting actress this year.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention Julia Garner, who was also solid in “The Americans,” as Ruth, the white trash “assistant manager” who deals with her dad getting out of jail and tries to hold the family together by herself.

I recommend “Ozark,” and hope there are many seasons to come.