You know what you’re getting with ‘Rampage’: The Rock and a bunch of special effects (Movie review)

If you’re watching “Rampage,” you know what you’re getting into. It’s about a bunch of oversize animals and monsters attacking a city. This plot is, of course, based off the arcade game of the same name. “Rampage” is a classic, and a favorite of mine as a kid. Who doesn’t like controlling a giant monster and climbing on buildings to eat people and cause damage?

Anyway, you know what you’re getting here: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a lot of special effects.

I was a bit disappointed during the first half of the film. I found it a bit boring, and a mixed bag of special effects. It’s weird: One scene looks amazing, and the next looks fake and out of place. There is also some poor acting even though it’s full of big names. I’m not sure if it’s intentional to be over the top and campy, but it feels out of place.

As far as positive things, when we get to the final 30-45 minutes, the movie gives us what we want, which is a digital action masterpiece. Again, as you’d expect. Also, the movie does its best to throw in the one-liners and humor you expect in a movie starring The Rock (including a giant ape giving the finger).

There’s not much new to see here, but if you are looking for a big dumb action movie, you could do worse.

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