Schumer’s insistence on playing ugly and fat becomes grating in ‘I Feel Pretty’ (Movie review)

Sometimes I watch a movie because it’s short and I know I have time to finish the whole thing. In this case, we were without our basement theater this weekend as the receiver was sent in for warranty, so we chose a movie I could watch upstairs and not miss out on any picture or sound. That movie is “I Feel Pretty.”

By now you should realize what you’re getting when you decide to watch an Amy Schumer movie. I knew what I was getting into, but gave it a chance anyway. I really dislike Schumer and everything she stands for. She basically plays the same role in every movie and makes fun of herself for being fat and ugly. (Except “Trainwreck,” which is her one standout.) The thing is, she isn’t that fat and ugly. At least not to the point that she plays in her films. I think that actually makes her less attractive. She is just a normal person but is trying so hard to play the ugly girl that it’s annoying.

Anyway, the movie is what you think it is. It is a mix of Jack Black’s “Shallow Hal” and Tom Hanks’ “Big.” On paper, this script probably sounded pretty good. A woman hits her head and believes her physical appearance has magically changed, which causes her to have incredible confidence and do things she never thought she could. Moral of the story: Not everything is about looks. It just doesn’t really work here. Again, not like we didn’t expect it.

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