‘Pitch Perfect 3’ ends the franchise on a low note (Movie review)

“Pitch Perfect 3” is far and away the weakest film in the franchise. It feels incomplete yet somehow oddly overstuffed, with some story elements that feel extremely out of place.

That said, I still enjoyed it, and I imagine most die hard fans will have a soft spot for it, too, warts and all.

It could stand to have 20 minutes cut and be 20 minutes longer. That might sound contradictory, but what I’m basically saying is that an entire subplot could have been easily excised and the movie could have used that time and more to provide better closure to key character arcs.

I adored the first “Pitch Perfect” and really liked “Pitch Perfect 2.” This chapter sends the trilogy out on a low note, but much like the Bellas’ bass singer Chloe, it holds that note pretty well.

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